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Palermo Update November 5, 2019

Greetings to our returning neighbors and to those of us who live here year round!

As many of you know, but for those who don’t, in August, soil sample testing revealed that our entire area in Palmero is infected with Take All Patch Disease. This disease is NOT curable however is treatable/controllable and Bloomings has significant experience treating it from communities in Palmer Ranch with overall good results. It lies within the soil and can be dormant if the turf is strong or can present and in our case it is and has presented strongly. This is the reason for the large areas that are dead.

Effective Nov 1, we now move to every other week mowing, edging, trimming due to slower growing season. Donut rings will be trimmed.

In September and October Bloomings applied 3 applications: A fungicide to arrest the Take All Patch, and on 10/18 Hydratane for moisture retention optimization and fertilizer. The fungus is now arrested and the other applications have greened up the turf. St Augustine grows laterally in shoots and some of that growth has occurred. On 11/15/19 we will be doing a walkthrough to estimate the amount of sod to be replaced in the entire yard. The previous walkthrough on 9/6/19 measured the just front yards and birms streetside. We will move to replace the sod in December along with laying Mulch around the entire home. A 30 day daily watering variance will be enacted to handle this replacement.

In addition, irrigation has been studied. We do have the correct size of main line coming into the area and we are continuing to address individual yards with head replacements etc. We are still determining amounts of water levels to see if there is any discrepancy. In Mid-October All irrigation controllers had batteries replaced, thanks very much to Richard Stuft. This will help the clocks to maintain settings during power interruptions/outages.

The November 21 HOA meeting will only address the 2020 Budget which keeps dues the same.

The December 5 Annual HOA meeting will address the full gamut of topics, including any new board members and Bloomings will be present to answer questions.

As a reminder, Service requests should be placed by going to www.bloomingslandscape.com and selecting Service Request in the upper right corner of their homepage. There is no password or community segmentation required for input. If you have an issue that requires a dialogue please send it by email to Brian Rivenbark at Sunstate (brian@sunstatemanagement.com) as you have in the past and cc me (tmtgolfer@gmail.com).

Thank you,
Tami Timperio
Palermo HOA President

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